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Advisory Board

Relocation Syd has established an Advisory Board that provides the partners of the company with advice and counseling, based on its extensive experience and knowledge.

Annemette Krogh

Annemette Krogh founded All Denmark Relocation A/S in 1996, thus, she is a pioneer on the Danish market. Annemette is a co-founder of the European Association for Global Mobility EuRA. Furthermore, she has been instrumental in the industry, which was awarded a quality label – the EuRA Quality Seal. It is an independent quality assurance based on an ISO 9001 standards. QS reflects excellence in delivering relocation services and internal management of quality assurance processes. QS stands for guarantee that relocation companies follow industry`s strictest quality requirements


Charlotte Wejs

Charlotte has been the owner of the hotel Sønderborg Gami in Kongevej Street in Sønderborg since 2006. From 1994 to 2006 Charlotte worked at Danfoss A/S, and the last four years she has worked as an Expatriation Manager, primarily with relocation.