Welcome – We are moving people

Relocation Syd

Relocation Syd now offers relocation services to both private and public companies who are faced with the challenge of receiving new employees. Moving to a new area can often be a challenge. Relocation Syd is your partner, your new employee can quickly feel "at home".

Your Relo partner

We have a massive relo program which you can read more about at our website. Before your new employee will arrive, we help with visa and immigration. We will meet your new employee, assist them moving in, show them our beautiful area and ensure that daily life is going to work.


Relocation Syd wants to be the preferred supplier of services to ensure that newcomers quickly become part of the local community.


With deep knowledge of the area, Relocation Syd can offer the assistance that makes it easier for companies and institutions to attract new employees. When the employment contract is signed, Relocation Syd takes over and ensures a faster “integration” of the new employee.

Our values

We work systematically and see good preparation as a way to ensure success. We are passionate about the task and work wholeheartedly with attracting newcomers and employees to Denmark and keeping them here.