Relocation Syd offers mentoring assistance for both the candidate, spouse and family. It is not always easy to establish and settle in a foreign country and some people will directly experience a culture shock – especially accompanying family. If spouses / partners do not have a job they may not immediately establish contact with others. …

Visa & Immigration

The process of application for work and residence permits seems for many very difficult. Relocation Syd has several years of experience in the procedures and can assist or make the full process.

Orientation tour

New area, new opportunities – Relocation Syd offers structured guided tours in the local area by very competent consultants with local knowledge. Orientation tours consist for example of visits in typical Danish residential places (single family area and / or rent residential area), presentation of shopping, school and educational institutions, cultural and recreational opportunities, etc. …

Home search

“My home is my castle” many say – the right place to live is important to most people, but it may in some areas be even extremely difficult, as newcomer, finding and selecting the right accommodation. Relocation Syd here offer two options: Ordinary housing search: Selection and transmission of information on 3 housing based on …

Move in- / Move out-rapport

According to the rent law, the tenant has 14 days after move in to inform the owner about defects . When moving out, the tenant must hand over the premises in the same condition as on the handover with the exception of the deterioration caused by wear and tear. Landlord may make a claim within …

Spouse and partner support

To achieve success with the relocation process of a new employee the success of the accompanying spouse / partner is of at least equal importance. Relocation Syd therefore offers a program. The help includes advice and guidance to: Danish labor and job search culture Application CV Job via social media Job portals Local network

Children – school and daycare/Kindergarten

When moving children, some of the first thoughts and questions are the children’s opportunities, future, care and education To ensure clarification Relocation Syd offers counseling help and support, including: Advice on the Danish system Daycare, pre-school and / or school choice Visit the daycare, nursery, kindergarten, school – International-, private or public school, etc.

Banking and insurance

Relocation South offers help and advice about both the choice of insurance company and bank, as well as about the individual products required Bank Help and advice include: Explanation of the Danish banking and monetary system. Advice about choosing a bank and single products including establishing Nemkonto with home banking as well as any. debit …

Local registration

For many newcomers the public system is something perceived as bureaucratic and difficult to navigate in.. To ensure fast registration Relocation Syd offers a package containing help and advice about: CPR, health cards, medical choice, dentist, Nem-ID , E-Boks, driving license and language course.

Car – custom clearance and registration

Relocation Syd offers advice and help about custom clearance and registration of motor vehicle.